Rep. Wilson not holding town halls? Indivisible Midlands will come to his $2700/ plate fundraiser!

Grim Reaper loves REp. FoxX's healthcare vote. Indivisible Piedmont not so much.


Indivisible Madison shows up to #SaveTheACA.

NY19Votes Goes Door to Door to Tell Constituents about your TrumpCare Vote, Rep. John Faso.

Indivisible Midlands: You lie Rep. Joe Wilson

#ProtectOurCare rally at Joe Wilson's office. #votenoAHCA Indivisible Guide

Posted by Indivisible Midlands on Thursday, May 4, 2017
Joe Wilson Town Hall

Indivisible CA-42 Shows up to tell Rep. Ken Calvert His Vote on TrumpCare was a vote against them.

After Congressman Ken Calvert voted for Trumpcare yesterday, his local office was overflowing with teachers, parents,...

Posted by Indivisible 42 In Action on Friday, May 5, 2017

Indivisible Oklahoma hosts Rep. Tom Cole die-in

Die-in AHCA protest at Representative Tom Cole's office today.

Posted by Indivisible Oklahoma on Saturday, May 6, 2017

Indivisible Martin and Indivisible Palm Beach holds Rep. brian Mast accountable

#AHCA shame protest at Rep. Brian Mast NPB office. We took out West and we'll take out Mast!

Posted by Ted Parsons on Friday, May 5, 2017

Rep. Dave Trott doesn't show up for veteran.

Repeal and replace Rep. Lamar Smith

Repeal and Replace Lamar Smith Protest

Dog and owner play dead to protest REp. Tom mcclintock's tricks!

Rep. Simpson cancelled a speech and drove to another airport all to avoid his constituents!

Indivisible Pasco greets Rep. Gus Bilirakis with a die-in at his new office opening.

Groups from across Rep. Kinzinger's district dying in for their care.


Indivisible TX-24 dies in, then meets with staff of Rep. Kenny Marchant

House Republicans face voters in home districts angry over hea...

Constituent at town hall for Rep. Tom Reed: "I'm a veteran. Everyone here deserves single-payer health care, now."

Posted by ABC News on Saturday, May 6, 2017

You should have voted no Rep. Lamar Smith.

IndivisibleFWTX and IndivisibleTX12 collaborate to hold Rep. Kay Granger Accountable.

Rep. Bill Flores, your constituents wanted you to vote no. Accountability starts today.

Indivisible NWFL tells Rep. Matt Gaetz no Trumpcare.

Speaker Ryan, Wisconsin will not forget.

Paul Ryan

indivisible Kansas City KS-3 told Rep. Kevin Yoder all the reasons he should have voted No. On tombstones.

People came out to Rep. Yoder's office this morning to tell him why should have voted NO on the healthcare bill.

Posted by Indivisible KC - KAN3 on Friday, May 5, 2017

Rep. Tom Reed Town Hall Round-Up

Rep. Dennis Ross Tombstone Protest

Dennis Ross ACA Graveyard

Rep. Rodney Davis Protest

Rep. Peter Roskam Constituents Hold Him Accountable

Roskam Accountability
Roskam Accountability 2
Roskam Accountability 3

Indivisible Kalamazoo encircles Rep. Fred Upton's office over his flip-flop on AHCA.

More than 100 Wallowa County Action members showed up for town hall with Rep. Greg Walden.

Rep. John Faso won't face his constituents... but Rep. Patrick Maloney will.

Rep. Steve Knight Die-In.

San Diego Indivisible tells Darrell Issa what they think of his vote... in lights.

Indivisible Charleston shows up to tell Rep. Mark Sanford what they think of his vote on TrumpCare

Some pics from the rally.

Posted by Indivisible Charleston on Friday, May 5, 2017
Indivisible Charleston - Mark Sanford

Indivisible Southern Arizona Tells Rep. McSally Exactly what TrumpCare would mean for them.

Today at the post-vote rally at McSally's, I met the wonderful Katie, who kindly and bravely shared her story on why she was protesting at McSally's. As someone who has always had a passion to be a writer, she has had to put her dreams on hold at times to ensure she has jobs with health insurance due to a terrifying congenital disease. ObamaCare allowed her finally become a freelance writer, and she is now scared she will have to put her dreams back on hold. McSally, this is on you if anything happens to this amazing woman. McCain and Flake it is now your turn to step up and protect Arizonans. P.s. If you get worked up by the video, know it ended with tears and hugs. That alone won't be enough to get us through the next 18 months, but it sure did the trick for today. We're all in this together.

Posted by Indivisible Southern Arizona on Thursday, May 4, 2017
ER Doc lays it out for McSally

Emergency Room physician Dr. Larry DeLuca at yesterday's protest at Rep. McSally's office. “I have seen at the front lines what happens when we slash Medicaid and Medicare because we played that game in Arizona in the mid-2000s. When Jan Brewer game to power, she decided to balance the budget on the backs of my patients. My emergency room was flooded with people who had formerly controlled diseases, but now were out of control. My patients were suidical because they couldn’t see their psychiatrist. They had heart failure because they couldn’t see their cardiologist. They were short of breath because they had renal failure and had lost access to their nephrologist."

Posted by Indivisible Southern Arizona on Friday, May 5, 2017

The turnout and the outcry today sent a clear message. We are watching, we saw the vote, and we will not forget. This is a hateful bill that will lead to more suffering and death, period.

Posted by Indivisible Southern Arizona on Friday, May 5, 2017

Rep. Fred Upton Flip-Flop

Fred Upton FlipFlops

Indivisible Colorado 6 Shows Up to Hold Mike Coffman Accountable