WRBC TV Chattanooga: Protesters gather outside Graves' office to protest new health care bill


DALTON, GA (WRCB) - The President's new health care bill has some worried about what it will mean for their future medical care. 

Including in north Georgia where a protest was held Monday.     

About a dozen folks gathered outside Congressman Tom Graves' office in Dalton exercising their right to protest. 

The topic -- their disapproval over so-called "Trump-Care" and Graves' decision to vote in favor of the new health care bill. 

Some traveled from as far as Gordon County to express their concerns about what the American Health Care Act would do for those with pre-existing conditions. 

Like, Pamela McCurley, she believes the new bill puts the most vulnerable populations at risk. 

"It would impact me personally. I have a pre-existing condition, as do most people it seems like. This is very hard on women and children and the elderly mostly. These are the most vulnerable people in our population and this is not humane in our opinion and we want to let Tom Graves know that," she said.

About five minutes after the protesters showed up, they were asked to leave the private property they were on and the police were called. 

The group moved to a public sidewalk to continue with their peaceful protest. 

As for the American Health Care Act, it cleared the House late last week and now it's up to the Senate to hammer out any compromises on both sides of the aisle in order for it to pass, that could take several weeks.