WANE-TV: Protesters upset Rep. Banks declined town hall


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – “See you Saturday.” That’s what the people with Indivisible Indiana chanted Monday. The national grassroots group resisting the Trump administration said Congressman Jim Banks denied coming to a town hall May 13. “He can run but he can’t hide,” Judy Rowe said.

Banks, inside the library for an art event, said he appreciates this part of politics. He said his team has had more than 100 events since elected so he can talk to his constituents. “That’s a part of politics. It’s a healthy part of the political process.”

But the group thought otherwise. They said they notified Banks three weeks ago about the meeting. “It’s his job to represent us and to listen to us and he’s not done that and we demand that he do.”

Banks said Indivisible planned the meeting on their own and not through his office. “They invited me after the fact. They didn’t coordinate that with our office. It is Mother’s Day weekend and I’ll be out of town with my wife and family and mother-in-law and that’s just the way it goes.”

Still, the most recent issue Indivisible has is of course the affordable care act. “His votes significantly impact our lives and in a big way.”

Banks wouldn’t say specifics but he said he thinks what came out of the House is a good start and the bill has a long way to go in the Senate.

Another protester said they believe it’s part of voter’s duties to be in touch with their representatives.

“It’s their responsibility in shaping our political social lives and everybody should be paying attention and everybody should be engaged in the system,” Jamie Drake said.

Banks said he thinks he’s been very open and accessible to his constituents he said if you want to talk to him or plan a meeting like this call his office.