WNDU 16 (South Bend, Indiana): Disappointed citizens ask Congresswoman Walorski to change her mind on health care bill


The senate will now decide the fate of the American Health Care Act, and it's sure to be a heated debate. The bill isn't just polarizing in Washington. Here in Michiana, protesters took up signs Friday after Congresswoman Jackie Walorski voted to help pass the bill Thursday in the House.

They said they, ideally, would like Congresswoman Walorski to change her mind on the bill, but they will gladly take amendments if they can fix the many problems protesters see.

They've seen plenty of problems. With their local representative"No show Walorski hides from her constituents," One sign read.

And the language put forward in the bill she supports.

"I just got more and more angry the more and more I thought about that vote and that bill," Keith Davis said. "And I thought, if I'm this mad, I should come out!"

They say the biggest concern is because the bill allows states to increase health care costs for people with a myriad of pre-existing conditions.

"I can't believe a C-section is on the list," One woman said. "A C-section! How is that a condition?"

Some of those conditions are fairly common issues.

"Simply having had a child can be considered a pre-existing condition," Davis said. "Having had a C-section can make you- can be considered a pre-existing condition under some of these changes."

One of the big reasons, proponents of the bill voted yes for it was because it gets rid of Obamacare. In a statement, congresswoman Walorski writes

"This bill ends Obamacare's burdensome taxes and mandates, including a permanent repeal of the job-killing medical device tax that harmed innovative manufacturers and their employees across Indiana."

"They just want to be able to say that they've repealed Obamacare," Catherine Osborne said. "They know they can't do it if they're honest about what's actually in the bill."

They might be heard by the people passing by, but they fear their voice isn't reaching the ears that matter.

"That's one of our biggest concerns is that it seems like she just isn't listening," Davis said. "And isn't even willing to make her case to us in person."

The protesters said even if Walorski is not listening to them, they want to try and raise awareness for her constituents. They say after that, maybe some influence will make her change her mind.

Walorski's full statement is as follows:

“Too many Hoosiers are facing higher premiums, fewer options, and a collapsing system under Obamacare. That’s why I made a promise to the people of Indiana’s 2nd District to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a patient-centered system that lowers costs, provides real protections, and gives individuals and families control over their health care again.

“Today the House delivered on that promise to fix our nation’s health care system. The American Health Care Act protects patients with pre-existing conditions, ensures access to quality, affordable health care, and gives states the flexibility they need to enact innovative reforms like those in Indiana.

“This bill ends Obamacare’s burdensome taxes and mandates, including a permanent repeal of the job-killing medical device tax that harmed innovative manufacturers and their employees across Indiana. It protects life by stopping the flow of taxpayer dollars to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. And with today’s passage of additional legislation I co-sponsored, it will treat Members of Congress the same as everyone else.

“I look forward to working with my Senate colleagues to get the American Health Care Act to President Trump’s desk for his signature so we can build a health care system that puts patients first.”