It is going to kill people:' Alabama Indivisible protests Trumpcare with 'die-in'

Passage of the American Health Care Act would be disastrous for the residents of Alabama, according to the progressive grassroots group Alabama Indivisible.

The group held a "die-in" at Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham on Saturday.  While some laid in the grass with cardboard tombstones, others passed out flyers to educate passersby on the bill, and to ask them to call their representatives in Congress.

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PalmerEmily PhelpsAL
York Daily Record: Indivisible FM holds pop-up protest against health care measure passed by House Republicans

FARGO – About 30 people from the group Indivisible FM on Saturday protested passage of the Republican-backed American Health Care Act by the House last week on one of the busiest corners in the West Acres shopping area.

Under sunny, blue skies, protesters chanted “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Trumpcare has got to go!”, “Health care not wealth care!” and “Shame on Cramer!” (aimed at North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer), as they waved signs such as “Humanity is not a pre-existing condition” and “Honk if you have a pre-existing condition!”

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Emily Phelps
Chicago Sun Times: Shame on Illinois Republicans for putting party over the people

I am a physical therapist. I have cared for patients with cancer, diabetes, mental health, chronic pain and cardiac conditions. Many of my patients were uninsured before the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) because they could not afford insurance or because of pre-existing conditions. Before the ACA, many saw the emergency room as their access to medical care. Because of the lack of care, by the time they came to see me, their health had deteriorated. For diabetics, without preventative medicine and regular check-ups, this often meant the loss of a leg due to unchecked nerve damage and skin ulcers to the feet.

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